Signature sides and dips

Sweet n Spicy Sauce
A lil' sweet, a lil' spicy. Totally yum sweet n spicy sauce.
453 kJ
Honey Mustard Sauce
Honey mustard sauce, on the sweeter side.
1801 kJ
Creamy Gravy
It's EJ gravy. Go with it.
475 kJ
Regular Chips
Hot and crispy fried chips, tossed in chicken salt, say no more.
1483 kJ
Garlic Sauce
El Jannah's famous garlic sauce. We suggest you order more than one. Trust us.
3647 kJ
EJ Chilli Sauce
Can you handle the heat? El Jannah’s own, homegrown chilli sauce, small size. It’s the hot and tangy collab you need.
1680 kJ
A must-try side and El Jannah-made. Add a traditional hommous to your order.
2608 kJ
Fresh and smoky El Jannah-made, traditional babaghanouj. Sign me up.
1712 kJ
A mix of our pickled green cucumber and red turnips, an essential add-on with every meal, if we do say so ourselves.
136 kJ

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