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Want to run your own El Jannah Store, and have all the backup and support you need? The El Jannah business is expanding and we have new franchise opportunities available. Our business has been around for 20+ years, and we know what works. We keep things simple, we keep things real.

If you’re looking for a fresh business opportunity with one of Australia’s fastest growing Quick Service Restaurants, check out our FAQs and reach out today for more information.

Built on 20+ years of success, that we’re ready to share. You’re invited to our table.
All the training and support you need to get started and grow your business.
Run your own business, selling legendary food that people already love.


The word is well and truly out about our legendary charcoal chicken. El Jannah already has a cult following in Sydney and the deliciousness is about to be shared in new locations throughout Australia. Our food is too good not to be shared. Reach out to enquire about new locations where El Jannah stores will be opening soon.

Franchisee FAQs

The El Jannah family of stores is expanding in a number of new locations throughout Australia in the next 24 months. Our charcoal chicken and famous garlic sauce has already attracted a cult following and we want to see it served and shared far and wide. Current franchise opportunities are available at:

  • Greater Sydney
  • Central Coast NSW
  • Newcastle NSW
  • South Coast NSW
  • Canberra
  • Melbourne

To find out more about franchise opportunities, reach out to our team.

El Jannah is one of Australia’s fastest growing Quick Service Restaurants with some of the highest sales volumes in the sector.

Franchise opportunities start at around a $1M initial investment, depending on the location and store size. There are upfront costs and each store is offered at a turnkey price, including these upfront costs. If you’d like to see a detailed budget breakdown of our franchise business model and projected revenues, get in touch. We’re ready to start a conversation with you.

Charcoal gives El Jannah chicken that unique and adored flavour. Our legendary chicken recipe uses simple ingredients. The simplest of food, that tastes perfect. Perfecting is the hard part, we can show you how it’s done. Find out more.

All the training and support you’ll need will be provided; from IT to HR, Marketing to Legal, from Finance to Systems and Operations. Franchise Partners in the El Jannah family of stores are set up to succeed. We have a team of Managers ready to help you grow the El Jannah legend and profit from our tried and tested table filled with good, fresh food. Enquire today.

We currently have 9 El Jannah stores sharing our Lebanese-Australian soul food in Australia. Our original store in Granville, Sydney, opened its doors 20+ years ago. We have detailed financial records to demonstrate the success of all our El Jannah stores. If you have specific questions about our profit margins and projections for new franchise opportunities, reach out. Our door is always open, we’re ready to answer your questions.

El Jannah was family-founded 20 years ago in Granville, NSW. Our food philosophy has always been to keep it simple and keep it real. Find out more about us and how from humble beginnings, the El Jannah business has grown to be one of Australia’s fastest growing Quick Service Restaurants.